Voices of the Vancouver Canucks

Curricular Links: Language Arts, Social Studies, Health & Career Education, Fine Arts, Technology Education

Featuring the people behind the play-by-plays and colour commentaries including Jim Robson, Tom Larschied, John Shorthouse and Jim Hughson

The Big Idea

When thinking of the Vancouver Canucks, how often do you think about the broadcasters who bring us the games on radio each and every week? Without the voices of these great people, hockey would not be what it is today. It is the great broadcasters of the Vancouver Canucks who make the great game come to life for all to enjoy. Names like Jim Robson, Tom Larscheid, John Shorthouse, and Jim Hughson are synonymous with the Canucks.



  • Learn about famous Vancouver Canuck broadcasters.
  • Be able to identify what a broadcaster is and does.
  • Research, highlight and take notes on a broadcaster.
  • Present information they have gathered in a creative manner.