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Did You Know?

On top of being an incredible marathon swimmer, Anne also coached and taught swimming for 35 years.


  • Anne was born in Powell River, B.C. on February 23, 1917
  • First demonstrated her skill in marathon swimming at age 10 when she swam the 10 miles across Howe Sound, between Britannia Beach and McNab Creek, and back. She went on to fulfill her potential in a remarkable career spanning 30 years of marathon swimming.
  • As a professional swimmer, set a total of 7 world records in 3 marathons at Lake Okanagan, 1956-58: 1956, 42 miles in 25 hrs 1 min, setting a women’s world record for endurance & distance. 1957, 32 miles in 16 hrs 14 min, setting a speed record for women’s class and a speed record for open class. 1958, 55 miles in 32 hrs 12 mins, setting a distance & speed record for open class; a distance & speed record for women’s class; an endurance record for open class; and an endurance record for women’s class.
  • In 1938 she swam from English Bay to Bowen Island (14 miles in 7 hrs 14 mins).
  • Took part in the Toronto CNE Marathons in 1934 and 1936.
  • As a Builder, became the first female lifeguard in Canada in 1943, and inaugurated the “Water Babies” program that was the first of its kind in Canada.