He Shoots, He Scores!

Frank & Lester Patrick
Induction Year: 1966
Sport: Ice Hockey
Category: Builder

Did You Know?

Frank and Lester formed the Pacific Coast Hockey Association in 1911. Frank sat as President of the league until 1924.


  • Frank: Played for Ottawa’s Renfrew Millionaires with his brother, Lester, and Cyclone Taylor for the 1909/10 season. In 1910, set a record for the most goals (6) scored by a defenseman in one game. This record still stands today
  • Lester: In 1911, together with his brother Frank, he built Canada’s first artificial ice arenas in Vancouver and Victoria (opened 1912). Together: Conceived numerous rule changes which included: assigning numbers to players, introducing the “blue line”, allowing unrestricted passing in the central zone (which led to forward passing), conceiving the play-off series, and introducing the penalty shot.