A Look Back at the Early Canucks

Curricular Links: Language Arts, Social Studies, Health & Career Education, Fine Arts, Technology Education

Featuring a look at the origins of the team’s name and more!

The Big Idea
When thinking about the Vancouver Canucks what comes to mind? Is it the disappointing loss to the Blackhawks in the second round of the playoffs? Henrick Sedin wining the Art Ross trophy? Is it the 1994 Stanley Cup run versus the NY Rangers? Whatever it may be, it more than likely has nothing to do with the history behind the Canucks and how they originally came to be. Learning about one’s history allows us to better see the present. Hence this lesson will take you back in time to the early Canucks of 1945-1946.


  • Read and interpret information on the early Canucks
  • Use effective skimming and note taking strategies
  • Look back into a part of Canadian/BC history